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CV Info

title Mr

I am Greek citizen and this period I am looking forward to relocate from Birmingham (UK) to Cyprus... I always considered myself as an ambitious, hard-working, positive person. I can easily adapt in any work environment, even if that means working on my own or as a part of a team. My dream is to succeed in the area of strategic management, as well as learn as much as possible through experience and knowledge. Moreover, I am a competitive person, but just with myself, meaning that every time I try something I try to be better and better. My only disadvantage is that I am a person of fact, meaning that for me to take into account an individual’s opinion, that person needs to prove himself or herself with valid facts. I am an easy learner and I am looking forward to work with people who have dreams and are also positive and love what they do for a living. In my opinion for a person to succeed in his work, he must not only be efficient in what he does but he must also be happy and comfortable in his environment and respectful to his colleagues, which that will also lead to an exchange of knowledge and wisdom. Why you should give me a chance? Because, I will try hard, I will offer, I will listen, I will learn and I will reach all your expectations. Even though I am a Greek national , I have travelled to Europe , Asia and South Africa , meeting people with different cultures and values which have helped me to develop an understanding for the needs of people from different backgrounds. Why you should not give me a chance? Maybe because I am a dreamer and I dont have the experience you seek ,but my answer to that is that dreams never harmed anyone, they push you forward instead, and make you believe that anything is possible.

Job Experiences

August-November 2015: Guest service assistant (front desk) at Hampton by Hilton Broad Street, Birmingham. I was working at this hotel in a front desk position and I had to be responsible for the guests and I had to resolve a lot of enquires every day and possible issues with them. (Customer service position).
July-August 2015: Floor Waiter position at O'Neill's pub in Broad Street Birmingham. I was working as floor waiter in this pub and my responsibility was to serve the clients. (customer service position).
May-July 2015: Travel Agent in travel/tourist office "Al Bedo Travel" Greek Island Alonnisos. I was working as travel agent and my main responsibilities were to be in contact with tour operators, to book ship and flight tickets and sometimes to help the clients to decide where they want to travel. (managerial,administrative,customer service position) .
December 2014-May 2015: Accountant in company “LOGIC DATA S.A” with legal representative “George Tsalavoutas” (plug and selling computer) Athens Greece. I was working as an accountant assistant in this company and my main responsibility was to check the payrolls and help the manager.
November 2013-December 2014: Secretarial support/consulting in law firm “Maria Karagiozopoulou” Athens/Piraeus Greece. I was working as secretary/consultant and I had to manage the whole law office from appointments until the lunch and dinner meetings of the lawyers.
November 2012-November 2013: Department of sales/consulting in company “INTERTEL S.A” (IT and software system) with legal representative “George Tsalavoutas” Athens/Kallithea Greece. I was working as a consultant and sale advisor in this software company, my main responsibilities were to help the customers with my advices during the process of computer sales, and several times my ex employer asked me to help him with the deals of the company (consulting about these deals).

Education Level Bachelor

2014-2016 University of Piraeus (Athens, Greece)
MBA Tourism Management
2010-2014 University of Macedonia (Salonica, Greece)
BA Balkan, Slavic and Oriental Studies,
specialization on Political and Economic Studies, Distinction

Country Cyprus
Nationality Greek
Gender Male
Driving licence No
Age 32

Expected Job Info

Salary Type Not less than
Expected Salary 1300 EUR
Employment Type Full Time