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CV Info

title Dr Zita Vajna

Estée Lauder said: “I never dreamed about success. I worked for it.." It is the key of my sucess too. I have passion about marketing and pr (I especially like working on online marketing campaigns and new projects).

Job Experiences

2015. 08. 15. - Project Manager: employed by the State Secretariat of Hungarian Communtity Living Abroad of Prime Minister’s Office of the Hungarian Government.

2014. 11. 01. – 2015. 08. 01. Project and Marketing Manager: S-Group Central Europe Ltd. My role was:
- To create marketing concept and strategy, its implementation and control,
- To define communication network, media planning and monitoring,
- Market research (analyze, study the industries trends and perspectives),
- Consumer market and competitive analysis,
- Permanent contact with sales department,
- Prepare and adhere the budget,
- Oversee creation and delivery of press releases
- Event management.

2014.01.01. – 2015.08.15. Sales Manager Assistant, Event and Wedding Planner, Manager: Fordan Hotel of Pécs. I was responsible:
-To achive sales growth targets,
- To penetrate existing market sectors and develop new ones,
- For creating and delivering the buisness development plan,
- To manage the sales team and sales support team,
- To monitor their work and make sales riportes.
2013. 01. 01. – 2015. 05. 15.: Clerk: Dr Péter Kalló Lawyer Office.

2012. 01. 01. – 06. 30.: Professionel Practice: Ministry of Human Capacities, State Secretariat of Sports: professionel practice in the Department of Sport Diplomacy and Communication.

2011. 05. 01. - 07.01.: Program Coordinator: Metapay Meta MPI IT Ltd. I have worked with the coordination of the „Festival-Card” at the Sziget Festival, Volt Festival, Gourmet Festival, Balaton Sound Festival.

2007. 05.01. – 2011. 09. 05. Working as Event Manager per procuration of the Tradition Conservator Association.

2007 – I have worked as a Hostess manager for some famous hostess agencies for 4 years.

Education Level Master

2006-2012. Péter Pázmány Catholich University, Faculty of Law and Political Science (Summa Cum Laude), Budapest, Hungary.

2006. University of Kaposvár: Faculty of Economic Science (Marketing specialist) Kaposvár, Hungary.

2001-2006. Munkácsy Mihály Secondary School, French-Hungarian Bilingual Hotel Trade Training, Kaposvár, Hungary.

Country Dominica
Nationality Hungarian
Gender Male
Driving licence Yes
Driving Category B
Age 37

Expected Job Info

Salary Type Not less than
Expected Salary
Available to Start 2016-10-01
Employment Type Full Time , Part Time