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CV Info

title Mr

A proactive, adaptable and conscientious individual with over 10 years experience in Account Management and Buying in a computing environment and over 11 years experience in buying in varied industries. Overcomes challenges through a tenacious and questioning approach - drawing on wide-ranging management and technical expertise. Also an articulate and diplomatic communicator and an effective team player with strong coaching skills. Consistently works to the highest professional standards and thrives when working as part of a cohesive team to deliver projects that yield multiple business benefits.

Job Experiences

Please see CV

Education Level High School

GCSE Maths (A*)
GCSE English (A)
GCSE French (A)
GCSE History (A)
GCSE Physics (A)
GCSE Physical Education (A*)
GCSE Chemistry (B)
GCSE Biology (B)
GCSE Craft, Design & Technology (B)
Passed Pitman Computing Course

Country Algeria
Nationality British
Gender Male
Driving licence Yes
Age 46

Expected Job Info

Salary Type Negotiable
Employment Type Full Time