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CV Info

title CV and personal information

Im being in a very hard position. I left with nothing and im highly motivated to get a job because I am single mother and i have literarly no place to stay from the following monday, i have no financial support and i HAVE a two years old kid and a father of a kid who doesnt know what he wants runing from family to friends last month.. i am very calm and friendly person. Im sensitive and very polite. Due to a fact that i used in foods and beverage services i can deal with any types of the people around me. I hate lies and i hate when somebody is trying to make me fool especially when i point on it but people still pretending and trying to make me more fool. Im highly responsible and punctual. I am speaking, writing and reading Russian and proper Ukrainian as a mother tongue, same i can say about my english level since i started talking it since my family moved in cyprus in the middle of September 1995. Also i speak,write and read French and german (had no practise for long but still im not bad). I speak, understand, read and poor write Greek(Cypriot) language and ladt but not least i speak ,write and read Georgian language good. I need work and if i work im coming for work. Im not coming there for chat or coffee. I can do it home. Work is work.

Job Experiences

I had plently of jobs. I started working unofficially in early teenager ages. I was doing wverything from cleaning until managing the russian private company ROOSKI which was very good developing on the market. Unfortunately the owners were obliged to leave due to personal problems and they had closed the company down as soon as i decided to go for my 2d diploma degree abroad..
In austria i was assistant of Mr.Östereichher ON HIS TV SHOWS ABOUT HEALTHY FOOD who is considered to be a first chef in Europe. I had been making my intership in Multika-Verden kindergarden assisting an accountant.
I had plently of a waitering jobs in different kinds of beverages. From cheap bars until high class restaurants.
Unfortunately due to kids age im unavaliable to work night closing shifts like i had on my previous job in LightHouse what had made me leave from there (5-closing).

Education Level Bachelor

I have finished russian private high-school in limassol : "Pupils of Pythagoras school" in 2009 with and excelent school leaving certificate of 88 to 94 %. I dont remember out of 17 subjects i had 2 or 1 B. All others are A. I apploed to intercollege and managed to finish 2 years diplomadegree in General Business Administration. Same year i took summer courses and achieved a degree in american beauty academy "creative". Any nail services, relaxing massage etc. By 2012 i applied to Lauder Business school in Vienna which i have successfully finished with bachelor degree in Intercultural Bussiness Organizations in marketiring and accounting by tge year of 2013. I had complete classes of accounting and gained a diploma in university of Vienna same time. Later after i came back to Cyprus and applied to an University of west of the England "Bristol"- major taxation,which is located in larnaca. Due to the fact of my previous educational studies i had applied straight to the 3d year of studies.i had complete the first year exams with an excelent results. Unfortunately i didnt finish the degree which i could manage by the end of the year , basically i didnt appear daily in classes and couldnt come on my last exams because i got pregnant and it was hard for me to get everyday by bus to Larnaca

Country Lebanon
Nationality Ukrainian
Gender Female
Driving licence No
Age 8

Expected Job Info

Salary Type Not less than
Expected Salary 950 EUR
Employment Type Full Time , Part Time , Seasonal