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CV Info

title Ms

Your announcement provoked my interest because it is an area in which I wish to develop. I have extensive experience in dealing with clients . During this time, in addition to my professional knowledge and skills I have gained experience in working with
clients from different nationalities . Training aids fast and quality service .
During my work until now I have been given assignments with increased scope of responsibilities through which I was able to improve my organizational and communication skills .
My professional experience and personal qualities makes me think that I could meet the high quality standards required by your company.
I want to meet with new ways of working and to work in teams where I could expand my knowledge . Looking for an opportunity to work for a company that has high standards of performance and true professionalism. If I am given the opportunity to join your team of professionals , my skills, knowledge and genuine desire to work will contribute to the performance of your company .

I would be grateful if you consider my application.

Veselina Kostadinova

Job Experiences

Bartender, Supervisor, Vice restaurant manager, Manager in restaurants and supermarkets, Sales representative, complex manager, shef di ekip
Bulgaria, Greece, France, England

Education Level Master

Master degree in law - Varna Free University " Chernorizets Hrabar"

Country Benin
Nationality Bulgarian
Gender Female
Driving licence Yes
Age 33

Expected Job Info

Salary Type Not less than
Expected Salary 800 EUR
Employment Type Full Time