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CV Info

title Mr. Alexey Larin

Looking for the job in any company concerning Logistics, Demand Planning, Supply Chain, Procurement and Inventory Management, in general. I'm responsible and communicative person, target on purposes only, persuading skills, creative and managerial abilities. I can organize the trainings with multimedia materials, theoretical and practice materials about Math Statistic, Demand Planning, Forecasting models. + Basics of International Logistics, Supply Chain, Customs clearance process in Russia, Import terms by International Law and etc.

Job Experiences

06.2006 - 12.2009 - Hyundai Mobis Parts CIS
Moscow - Logistics & Inventory Head Consultant
08.2010-11.2011 - Sollers - brand FIAT, SsangYong
Moscow - Purchasing Group Manager/Aftersales Dept. Logistics Head Specialist
12.2011- 07.2013 - FIAT Chrysler Automobiles - brand FIAT, Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge
Moscow - Stock planning and logistics specialist
07.2013 - 07.2017 - LLC "Splav" (Metallurgy, Metalwork, Spare Parts Production, Parts for constructions)
Kazan - Commercial Director

Education Level Master

2001-2006 - Russian State University for the Humanities, Moscow, major - management: economics, law, mathematics, logistics, politics;
08.2005-05.2006 - University of Northern Iowa, USA, Business School - Quality Management, Managerial Problem Solving, Management Info Systems (Excel), Geopolitics and etc.
11.2004 - TOEFL British Council, Moscow, passed.

Country Jamaica
Nationality Russian
Gender Male
Driving licence Yes
Driving Category B
Age 39

Expected Job Info

Salary Type Not less than
Expected Salary 1500 EUR
Employment Type Full Time , Part Time , Remote