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CV Info

title Engineer

My name is Karyna Avakian. I would like to work at your company.
My experience in designing is about 15 years (for the last year I have been doing modeling housings in 3D Inventor). I believe that in this position I will be able to use the following abilities:
A good technical specialist (written in detail in the resume).
Balanced character.
Strong analytical skills. In practice, this is reflected in the original high-quality design, a clear plan of action and a critically small number of errors in the work.
An institute such as Giprokoks gave me a good experience. I learned to cooperate with many departments, different people and instilled a love for interplant communication design. My achievement - when the challenge is accepted, scary, but you go to the goal. This path is a reward. In the company Mains has learned independence and self-education.

Job Experiences

03.2018 – 05.2019
3D CAD Construction/ Draftsman
MAINS s.c. (Poland)
3D-modelling of plastic housing (controllers tapes of cash boxes, photocells) for the mold and 3D-printing. 3D-modelling of metal parts.
Design Engineer POLIGON Design, preparation of drawings for the construction and installation of satellite dishes for mobile communications
09.2008–09.2017 Engineer HVAC SE “GIPROKOKS”
Position: Engineer-Designer Interplant Pipelines
My responsibilities included the design and reconstruction of pipelines on columns. Coordination with the general layout, construction Department and shops. Performed 2D drawings (AutoCAD), specifications of equipment, diagrams of gas pipelines, list of pipelines. With subsequent 3D design (Autodesk Plant 3D).
Took part in the design Coke making plants in Italy (Pipelines on columns. Gas Mixing station.), India (Pipelines on columns. Coke dry cooling plant. Scheme-plan), Russia and Ukraine.

Education Level Master

Master Civil Engineer "Heat and gas supply and ventilation" Kharkiv national university of civil engineering and architecture (KСNUCEA)
Department of Heat and Gas Supply and Operation of Secondary Heat Resources.

Country Lebanon
Nationality Ukrainian
Gender Female
Driving licence Yes
Driving Category B
Age 37

Expected Job Info

Salary Type Not less than
Expected Salary 1500 EUR
Employment Type Full Time