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CV Info

title Tatyana

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Job Experiences

Business analyst IT (accounting, economy, investment, finance):
1. Interviewing customers.
2. Learning regulatory documentation.
3. Organization of meetings for decision-making, fixing agreements.
4. Preparation of detailed business statements, activities, of private technical specification and coordination of development concept with customer and development team.
5. Testing software product, test cases and test program.
6. Show software product for the customer.
7. Preparing the user manual.
8. Preparation, analyze reporting for the experimental period (from 1 month and more), audit reports analyzing, strategy development to eliminate risks of the company.
9. Managing, coordinating and maintaining digital calendar for Chief of the Department at my projects (logistics, accounting, finance, etc.).
10.Preparation of presentations for senior management of the company, business correspondence within the company, external clients, software implementation companies.

Education Level High School

Higher. Graduated from the «Far Eastern state University of Railways», full-time Department, specialty «Information systems, computer engineer» and Professional development in Moscow state technical University Razumovsky «Accounting 2018-theory and practice».

Country Jamaica
Nationality Russian
Gender Female
Driving licence No
Age 9

Expected Job Info

Salary Type Negotiable
Employment Type Full Time