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Code Gender Education Experience Nationality Updated  
110 Male

Sept. 2010 – Jun. 2014 University of Leeds – MEng, BEng (Hons) in Electronic and Electrical Engineering (2:1)
Modules: Digital Electronics and Microcontrollers
Energy Systems and Controls
Power Electronics and Drives
Electric Power Generation by Renewable
Meng Individual Project

Sept. 2001 – Jun. 2008 Lanitio Lyceum...

May. 2015 – Present Lab Technician – U-TX Technologies Ltd
Duties/Responsibilities: Electrical and mechanical assembly of equipment/soldering, installation of hardware and testing, configuration of products (software & hardware), troubleshooting electrical system errors during production.
Skills Gained: teamwork, communication skills, flexibility, interpersonal abilities,...

Cypriot 10/01/2016 More
133 Male

Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering

Customer Service Technician
Dealing with customers on a daily basis; including setup, installation, maintenance and support for problems trouble shooting of point of sales (POS) machines and maintaining software.
Giving support to customers by phone or in person for any problem they may have [LAN line, Ethernet, cables, connectivity]

December 2006 – October 2010

Cypriot 15/01/2016 More
194 Male

Primary, Secondary, High School - Tallinn School of Applied Science
University - Tallinn University of Technology (Bachelor of Science in Engineering)

01/06/2011–25/08/2011 - Tallinn Traveller Tours (City Guide in the city of Tallinn)
10/06/2012–10/08/2012 - Vopak E.O.S. (internship in sales department)
05/06/2013–10/08/2013 - Harley-Davidson Estonia (Motorcycle mechanic)
01/11/2013–14/10/2015 - Harley Owners Group Tallinn Chapter Estonia (Officer position - Webmaster)
05/06/2014–09/06/2014 - Super Rally 2014 (Part...

Estonian 11/03/2016 More
296 Male

• Master of Science in Economics (MBA). Hellenic Open University. Grade 6,7/10.
• Bachelor in Electronics. Technological Educational Institution of Athens. (T.E.I. of Athens Department of Electronics Engineering.) Grade 6,7/10.
• Bachelor in Teaching. A.S.PAI.T.E. (Athens University-School of Paidagogic in Technological Education). Teaching Degree in Technological Education....

• OTEGLOBE S.A. OTE Group subsidiary. (OTE International Whole Sale Carrier)
2015-Today Technology Division. Service Delivery Department as Project manager.
2008-2015: Technology Division. Department of International Network Planning and Services Development as
Network Planning Engineer – Project Coordinator.


Greek 20/04/2016 More
298 Male

Moscow State Technical University (Bauman), Economical faculty
GASIS (Academy of Retraining), Construction manager

Key Skills:
Construction management;
Project management;
Cost and Contract management;
Budgeting and Financing;
Procurement and Material management;
Quantity surveying;
Commercial management.

Russian 25/04/2016 More
312 Male

Find more details in uploaded CV

Cypriot 09/05/2016 More
313 Male

2 years

Greek 13/05/2016 More
331 Male

The MSTU named after Bauman
Computer training center “Specialist”
Basic programming and databases

More than 10 years

Professional skills:
The possession of PC (program restricted).
Installation' installation' dismantling, commissioning ops of access control, security and fire alarm system' CCTV systems.
Control over carrying out construction works .

Knowledge of equipment:
Cameras, Monitoring Stations, Alarms, Fire Alarm, Door Phone, Access...

Russian 27/05/2016 More
363 Male

Master degree on biomedical engineering from City university london

Internships at: Near East University(2010), Hospital, Nicosia; Dr Burhan Nalbantoglu State
Hospital(2011), Nicosia; and Life Hospital(2012), Gonyeli, near Nicosia
 The internships entailed work on a variety of medical equipment in the Purchasing and
radiology Departments and Intensive Care Units of the three hospitals
Working experience at : City University Research...

Cypriot 23/06/2016 More
369 Female

-Επαγγελματική σχολή -βοηθός φαρμακείου
-επαγγελματική σχολή - Cnc εργαλειομηχανές
-παιδοψυχολογία ΕΚΕΣ κολλέγιο
- λογιστική ΕΚΕΣ κολλέγιο

-εργατοτεχνίτρια σε αρχαιολογικές ανασκαφές
-βοηθός ηλεκτρολόγου σε συντήρηση ηλεκτοφωτισμού στο Δ'ημο Βόλου
- αποθηκάριος , γραμματέας, βοηθ.λογιστή , εργοδηγός σε εταιρία μεταλλικών κατασκευών
- Συνέταιρος σε κατασκευαστική εταιρία υδρευση αρδρευσης αποχετευσης
-Δασκάλα πολεμικών τεχνών στον Δήμο Ιωλκού

Greek 04/07/2016 More